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Gerry Shaw MBS, MSc, BSc, CMIoP, MIBoA

Gerry’s background spans the disciplines of Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Environmental, Health and Safety Management. He has worked for over 18 years with multinational companies in the Electronics Sector.

Gerry started working in consultancy with Colm Hyland in March 2005. He currently works as a consultant specialising in the areas of Operations Management, combining Lean with Green technologies with Environmental, Health and Safety. He lectures part time with the Lifelong Learning Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology and acts as a Mentor on behalf of Enterprise Ireland Ltd. He has edited publications on behalf of the Irish Management Institute and writes Case Studies for the School of Business Studies at Trinity College Dublin.

Gerry started his career in 1987 in Amdahl Ireland as a System Test Engineer and later moved into Manufacturing Engineering, specialising in Surface Mount Technology Soldering. In 1993, he joined Teradyne Ireland Limited, initially as a Manufacturing Engineer, Gerry was promoted to an Operations Management position, running an operation with 350 reports, on 24 x 7 shifts and shipping in excess of $50 million per quarter. He worked at Total Quality Manager in Ireland and at Division Headquarters in New Hampshire, USA where he developed scorecards for monitoring and diagnosis of the performance of the organisation. On his return to Ireland, Gerry was promoted to the position of General Manager, with direct responsibility for Finance, Human Resources, Facilities, Security and Environmental, Health and Safety.

Gerry holds a B. Sc in Applied Physics (with Electronics) and a M. Sc. in Applied Physics (Sensors) from Dublin City University. He is a Chartered Physicist and member of the Institute of Physics, London and is a member of the Institute for Business Advisors in Ireland.

Gerry is also an accomplished fiddle player and continues to play in sessions throughout the country.