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CJH has a range of products available to clients, this fall into three categories; Training, Quality Systems & Software.


We have over 150 Training Products that have been developed and that are available to the company. These come as presentations and training guides. They are categorised as curriculums and cover Operational, Supervisory & Team Leaders and Managers. The full list of modules is available on request.
Quality Systems

We have generic systems that meet ISO needs in the ISO 9000, 14 000, 18 000 and 50 000 series. We have also developed Systems to meet HIQA needs in the following areas, Nursing Homes, Care Centres & Home Care.
Our service includes customisation of the generic Systems, the provision of Awareness Training, Training for the development of Instructions and Auditors.
We will also help to develop plans for Audits before accreditation and will assist in Corrective Actions that will follow standard problem solving routines.

Univents is a central online repository to create and manage all services to:
1. Optimize Time for Fast Response
2. Manage All Facets to Reduce Risks and Increase Effective Decisions
3. Integrate Client Team & Organization Communication
4. Centralized Repository for Institutional KM
CJH work with Univentures to bring this tool to Europe.
IBM Kenexa is a Learning Management and Learning Content Management System that  provides extensive, configurable Corporate Learning System
•Authoring/LCMS Options
•Support for Mobile and Social Learning
•Rapid Deployment
•Low Cost of Ownership
•SAAS or On Premise
CJH is working with IBM Kenexa to bring this system to clients in Ireland.

Lexonis Competencies

Read about Lexonis Competencies here

Let Lexonis take the pain out of Competency building for you