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Service For Students

How do I choose?
Students and Employees are confronted with this question at various points in their lives. Answering the question is always difficult but can be made easier by some assessment and feedback from experienced people. Our Psychologists can provide a number of aptitude, personality and career diagnostics that can give some facts on abilities and interests. 
The test results will be supported by feedback, advice and introductions to people in our Network who can give insights into specific jobs and careers.

Step1: Initial meeting with Student and Parent to discuss interests, aptitudes and school performance and reports.

Step2: Student takes relevant Assessment. ( Can take up to 2.5 hours online with Supervision by Consultant)

Step3: Counsellor meets with Student initially to give feedback on assessment by way of report and and advice booklet. Late Parent joins the meeting to discuss optimum choices for subjects and College courses

Step4: Final meeting to review student choices and agree a plan of action

See Sample Reports 

Click Here for Sample Reports for Students Choosing College Courses

Click Here for Sample Reports for Students choosing Leaving Cert or A Level Subjects

Please see additional  Information under Psychometrics  

Parents Information Here

Cliock Here for a Quick Guide For Parents to Help Students Choose Exam Subjects

Click Here for a Quick Guide for Parents to Help Students Choose College Programmes


Do your people need help with their careers?

CJHNetwork includes a Team of  Career Coaches who can work with your people  to walk them
through a series of steps that delivers a future development plan. The steps are as follows:

1.      Client provides mini-CV that also includes interests
2.      Coach reviews CV and suggests initial diagnostics for completion
3.      Coach provides feedback and Clients reviews
4.      Client and Coach review diagnostic reports and agree pathway
5.      Development Plan is written up and decisions made

Contact Chris Gilson at
Phone   +3531 8457177
Mobile  +35386 4674442
Email:  chrisgilson@cjhnetwork.ie  

Please see additional  Information under Psychometrics