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People are the key to business success and CJH recognise that unless employees are engaged early and often, the chance of success is reduced. Bringing Goals and Objective to people is critical as are the following supports:


A Communications System that ensures messages are delivered on time and opens up feedback is essential to reduce the distortion that humans ineviatibly bring to any conversation. CJH utilises best practice frameworks and support training to ensure that Communications flow.
Talent Management

Assisting clients with the People element of their Strategic Plan can be
encapsulated as Talent Management. The ability to connect the various aspects of this is at the core of CJH's work. Understanding the importance of recruitment, performance management, learning & development, retention and structures is critical to the business. CJH works at the policy and implementation level for all of these aspects of people management.
Competency Modelling

Competency based approaches to the People element whether for recruitment or development purposes is critical. Defining the current and future job roles for employees is essential for Development Planning and the identification of gaps in current performance. CJH has its own best practice database of Competencies and Skills Profiles and can tap into resources available from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ilm),City & Guilds, QQI and IBM Kenexa.
Learning & Development

Supporting the strategic intent that  effective Learning & Development requires is part of our purpose. Learning & Development must embrace the 70/20/10 approach. Blending learning and ensuring the Leaders are taking responsibility for coaching and developing employees must be part of the formula for success. CJH can coach Leaders to acquire these skills and provide a broad range of curriculums from ICT to Soft skills at all levels. CJH has over 150 Training products at its disposal.
Systematic Training/ADDIE

Another challenge that organisations face in the Learning & Development area is sustainability of their training system. Systematic Training or ADDIE (Analyse, Design, Develop, Instruct & Evaluate) is the industry standard for Training Trainers and helping them to author their own materials for classroom, one to one or e-learning. We can train your Trainers and assist them in the development of materials and plans to effect increased performance.
Leadership Development

At the heart of most Change processes is the capability of Leadership. We use a combination of Competency Models, Assessment Centres and diagnostics to determine the gaps that exist and to create development plans that include the employee's manager. Some training is always provided to give the Leaders a chance to learn new skills and most importantly to engage with their colleagues. Training is supported by reading, e-learning and assignments that will increase the learning and include their colleagues' experience.

Team Leadership Skills For Managing Remote Workers

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