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Positive Power & Influence

Aim and Approach

This one day programme offers a unified and systematic approach to help people acquire the skills to become excellent influencers and negotiators.  It is based on Situational Leadership thinking.
In this workshop Participants will:
• Adapt the style to respond to and manage changing business challenges.
• Present their views in a persuasive way, with enthusiasm, vision and logic.
• Create a positive impact on other members of their organisation, including their manager.
• Manage and motivate difficult or under-performing employees.
• Influence others without having position. power
• Resolve conflict and generate commitment to team decisions.
• Complete tasks and projects without delay


• Introductions, objectives and agenda
• PPI definitions and how this differs from other approaches
• Preparation  for first exercise
• Consensus exercise in small group & feedback
• Exercise preparation for Push/Pull exercise
• Push/Pull exercise in pairs & feedback
• PP&I Model overview
• Preparation and Analysis for dialogue
• Tracks introduction - determining which track to go based on 
   analysis of personal needs
• Persuading practice
• Asserting practice,
• Bridging track practice
• Attracting track practice
• Plan for dialogue
• Choosing styles
• Identify critical influence situation
• Skill practice
• Introduction to rehearsals
• Rehearsals Rounds 1 - 3
• Participants review main lessons learned.
• Workshop evaluation and feedback.

After the workshop

Identify individuals who need to be influenced, plan, prepare and deploy tools