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Realise your Potential

Aim and Approach
Realise your Potential will provide participants with an awareness as well as the tools and techniques to align their skills required for where they want to go.  The participants will be introduced to Emotional Intelligence and career mapping.

Programme Objectives
In this workshop, participants will:
• Develop an understanding of business today.
• Discover their unique knowledge, skills and attitudes and realise that their skills are transferable.
• Create a personal development plan and the opportunities that will make them successful
• Apply their Emotional Intelligence to develop greater self- awareness.
• Examine their social network and the opportunities that it brings

Participants will complete EQ-I, MBTI and Career Pathfinder instruments before attending the workshop.  They will each receive an individual feedback session.

•  Introductions, Objectives, Agenda.
The workshop is divided into three parts. Each part of the workshop will provide a brief theoretical background as the context for practicing the tools.  
• Who am I? - Looking back to see the future. Track the evolving nature of organisations and workers to the present day.    The competencies I think I have.  What is my unique set of ‘knowledge, skills and attitudes’?  Joining the dots - My career to date and outcomes thinking to map the future. 
• Where am I going? - From knowledge to skill?   Define and discuss EQ-I and balancing EQ with IQ
• Look at me now - Influence your career your way.  Influencing skills and examine  your social network
• Participants review main lessons learned.
• Workshop evaluation and feedback.

After this workshop
Sit down with your manger to reconsider your development plan and determine how he or she can help.